In Memory of David M. Graifman The Myriad Dialects of Time by Carlos Perez October 8, 2001 If anything could be called the universal language of horology, it must the round dial with concentric hour and minute hands pointing to a chapter ring demarked for twelve hours. It is... Read more
The Harmony of the Spheres Part I: Moons, Years, and Forever by Carlos Perez March 1, 2001 “This thing all things devours:Birds, trees, beasts, flowers;Gnaws iron, bites steel;Grinds hard stones to meal;Slays king, ruins town,And beats high mountain down.”— Gollum It has ever been within human nature to create... Read more
The War of Independence by Carlos Perez September 27, 2001 Beneath the cheerful reports of growth and prosperity, expansion and acquisition, there is a cold civil war silently being fought within the watch industry of Switzerland. It is not something which registers upon the consciousness of the average watch... Read more