Deconstructing the Ideal by Carlos PerezAugust 20, 2001 One of the ever present problems we face in attempting to identify the highest quality manufactures, and especially in ranking a “first tier” of contemporary manufactures, is the lack of consistency within their product collections. A given manufacture may produce two... Read more
The Magic Wordby Carlos Perez January 17, 2001 Once upon a time when quartz watches were in ascendancy, long before the mechanical revival of the 1990s, and even before Blancpain was a gleam in Jean-Claude Biver’s eye, there was a wee lad — well actually kind of a big... Read more
Of the Blood Royal by Carlos Perez June 10, 2001 In wandering through the crowds gathered within the multiplicity of fora dedicated to mechanical horology, one encounters a diverse buzz of interests and knowledge: here a group discussing steel sports watches, there one debating gold dress watches, over there... Read more