IWC Portuguese Jubilee Limited Edition Watchby Richard Paige   In 1993, IWC introduced a limited edition series watch to commemorate the company’s 125th anniversary. This watch, ThePortuguese Limited Edition Jubilee, is considered one of the most desirable watches for the modern day watch collector.Click to Enlarge The creation of the... Read more
  The Power Reserve Indicator By Richard Paige One of the most useful features that a mechanical watch can have is a power reserve indicator. It’s critical that a watch has at least 30% of its mainspring wound for the watch to run at a regular rate. Many watch... Read more
Value: An Elusive Concept? By Richard Paige Many years ago, when I made my living as a watchmaker, I specialized in the restoration and repair of American Pocket watches. I found it very therapeutic to work on these masterful machines, and it seemed to set my work apart, while... Read more
 The Miracle of the Pin Lever Movementby Richard Paige   We focus a lot of our attentions here on TimeZone towards what constitutes a high quality movement: is it workmanship, accuracy, finish, longevity, or a combination of all? But one of the most remarkable achievements in the history of the... Read more

The Watch Fob

Community Articles September 19, 2002

 The Watch Fobby Richard Paige   The Jewelers dictionary defines a Fob as a short chain, ribbon or other similar thing, fastened to a watch to aid in withdrawing it from a pocket in clothing.I don’t think this definition does justice to the world of Fob collecting. If I was... Read more
Watch Photo Lightbox by R. R. Jackson HOME I’ve been told that the most important part of photography is Light. Well here’s a simple lightbox, it took only 15 minutes of scrounging around to find all the pieces. Here’s the parts/equipment list: – Tripods (2) – One for the... Read more
Photoshopping the Speedbird R.R. Jackson HOME I have a simple photo setup with a 4 foot 4 bulb flourescent light in the basement ceiling and a box on the table to raise the work area. A curved white construction paper and tracing paper on the sides completes the “lab”.... Read more
INCLUDING IMAGES AND USING HTML IN TIMEZONE POSTSby Michael Sandler and Mike DisherCreating a Digital Image Most images you see on TimeZone were created with a digital camera, and digital cameras are the best way to create a lifelike image. Some people also place watches on a scanner to... Read more
Basic Accessories For Watch Photography Posted by Reto Castellazzi on January 19, 2002 at 23:04:49: TZ Classics Forum Number: 1900 Posted from Host: ( Dear all A high resolution digital camera will also reveal the tiniest dust particles on your watch glass or background. Thus I was lucky to... Read more
A QUICK TOUR OF MY MAVICA MINI-STUDIO By Mike Disher These are scans of the “mini-photo studio” where I shoot the Mavica scans I post on TZ, including those used in my reviews.   The scan above shows a view of the work area, with all available lights. I... Read more
TimeZone Interview with Hannes PantliBy Michael Friedberg February 2002 Hannes Pantli has been an icon of International Watch Company, as well as the entire Swiss watch industry, for close to 30 years. He started with IWC before the quartz dark ages, when the company was still owned by the... Read more
 TimeZone Interview with Pierre Nobs President and Founder of “VENTURA Design on Time SA “Interviewer: Richard PaigeMarch, 1998    I am pleased to present to you, another in our series of interviews with the Watch Companies.This interview is with Pierre Nobs, President and Founder of “VENTURA Design on Time SA “.... Read more
 TimeZone Interview with Nancy James FoxVice President of Jaeger-LeCoultre  Interviewer: Richard PaigeMarch, 1998    This is the first of a series of Interviews with the Great houses of the Swiss watch Industry. I am pleased and excited that our very first interview is with a company that not only is considered one... Read more
  Andreas Strehler — Bespoke Horologist By Watchbore Future historians of watchmaking will no doubt argue endlessly over who were the most important watchmakers of the early 21st century. Many will no doubt agree on George Daniels, citing Derek Pratt and Anthony Randall as followers of his school; others... Read more
Watch vs. Brand By Watchbore Obsessed by brands? Watchbore offers a cure. To all those nagged by the suspicion that without the brand name on the dial and other distinguishing marks their watch would be worth less than half what they paid for it, Watchbore brings glad tidings. At... Read more
Watchbore and the Story of Time Part I By Watchbore February 2000 In which Watchbore visits the Story of Time exhibition, Greenwich and discovers the most significant wristwatch of all time “Watchbore,” said the Editor, graciously allowing the ash of his Monte Christo to fall on the head banging... Read more
Artifacts of the Golden Age Part I by Carlos Perez July 16, 2001 In many ways we modern connoisseurs of the mechanical wristwatch live in a civilization built upon the ruins of much greater civilizations that we have now mostly forgotten. We of the Age of Copper refer to... Read more
Biver and Piguet: The Lost WorksJune 15, 2000 “We wanted only the round shape, and the simplicity of just one model of watchcase to give to the essence of the watch, the movement, the first role…One case, but a complete choice of classical mechanical movements, all providing one or... Read more
Principles of the Wristwatch as Instrument The first concern of any instrument watch is that it be designed to show the necessary and relevant information to the task at hand. Second is that it must show this information in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Any... Read more
Four Hundred Years After Part II The Legacy of Seikosha For nearly four hundred years Edo-Tokyo has been the center of Japanese horological craft, and it is the birthplace and home of the greatJapanese wristwatch manufactures of the last century — Seiko and Citizen. Their history is irrevocably intertwined... Read more
L’Ancien RegimePart One: Elements of the Baroque in Wristwatch Designby Carlos Perez   The Sun King Most of us as wristwatch enthusiasts tend to focus upon the classical or the functional in wristwatch design. The spirit of our age professes ornamentation to be a crime, even though in the... Read more
L’Ancien Regime Part Two: The Heritage of the Classical Wristwatch by Carlos Perez While a wristwatch is much more than just a miniature pocket watch strapped to the wrist, the heritage of today’s classiques in undeniably linked to the classical watch making and designs of the 18th and 19th... Read more
L’Esprit NouveauThe Moderne art of the form movementby Carlos Perez December 29, 2000 One of the rarest delicacies produced by the horological crafts of the last century is the form movement. The great scarcity of form movements in our own day is of course linked to the overall decline... Read more
Vive la Revolution!Walking Point With The Avant-Gardeby Carlos Perez January 5, 2001 While the world of wristwatch design is ruled by the philosophies of Classicism and Functionalism, and permeated with the incessant repackaging and reinterpretation of a handful of iconic designs and elements resurrected from antiquity, not every wristwatch... Read more
The Magic Wordby Carlos Perez January 17, 2001 Once upon a time when quartz watches were in ascendancy, long before the mechanical revival of the 1990s, and even before Blancpain was a gleam in Jean-Claude Biver’s eye, there was a wee lad — well actually kind of a big... Read more
Hammer and Gong by Carlos Perez January 31, 2001 The oldest and most esoteric complications produced today come from the small family of repeaters and clockwatches. These wristwatches strike the time either en passant (“in passing”) like traditional striking clocks, or on command like some pocket watches of the... Read more
The Harmony of the Spheres Part I: Moons, Years, and Forever by Carlos Perez March 1, 2001 “This thing all things devours:Birds, trees, beasts, flowers;Gnaws iron, bites steel;Grinds hard stones to meal;Slays king, ruins town,And beats high mountain down.”— Gollum It has ever been within human nature to create... Read more
The Harmony of the Spheres Part Two: From the Center of the Universe, To the Edge of the Galaxy by Carlos Perez March 1, 2001 “I have seen the dark universe yawning Where the black planets roll without aim, Where they roll in their horror unheeded, Without knowledge or... Read more
The Gentleman’s Wristwatch More Retrogrouch Musings From The Underground by Carlos Perez April 5, 2001 “I am not I; thou art not he or she; they are not they.” — Evelyn Waugh What watch to buy next? This is the most pressing problem that faces the modern enthusiast-collector of... Read more
Paragon and Prodigal Aspects of Janus in Genevan horology. by Carlos Perez April 15, 2001 In the mid-to-late 20th century the appellation “Swiss Made” became, and remains, the basic hallmark of quality in commercial horology. What was once intended to flush out so-called “Swiss fakes,” is now a brand... Read more
The Cats and the Clock by Carlos Perez April 25, 2001 A clock hangs upon the wall, ticking its measured beat of time. Perhaps it is the sound, or the dancing of the seconds hand which catches the attention of the cat perched nearby. Enigmatic yellow eyes contemplate the... Read more
  Harmonia Mundi by Carlos Perez May 12, 2001     When we think of the past several centuries we probably tend to pull up romantic images of adventure and exploration, for it was the last great age of empires and colonial expansion. Yet for most of known history... Read more
  The Enigma by Carlos Perez May 28, 2001     Hated and loved, reviled and praised, there is perhaps nothing more polarizing within the art of high horology than the “tourbillon.” Priced out of the reach of all but a few, they are something rarely seen other than... Read more
Of the Blood Royal by Carlos Perez June 10, 2001 In wandering through the crowds gathered within the multiplicity of fora dedicated to mechanical horology, one encounters a diverse buzz of interests and knowledge: here a group discussing steel sports watches, there one debating gold dress watches, over there... Read more
Deconstructing the Ideal by Carlos PerezAugust 20, 2001 One of the ever present problems we face in attempting to identify the highest quality manufactures, and especially in ranking a “first tier” of contemporary manufactures, is the lack of consistency within their product collections. A given manufacture may produce two... Read more
The Saxon Order by Carlos Perez September 8, 2001 The great diversity of wristwatch design is the product of many cultural influences and aesthetic philosophies. For the most part, the dominant themes of our day would appear to be descended primarily from French and French-Swiss sources: The seminal works... Read more
The War of Independence by Carlos Perez September 27, 2001 Beneath the cheerful reports of growth and prosperity, expansion and acquisition, there is a cold civil war silently being fought within the watch industry of Switzerland. It is not something which registers upon the consciousness of the average watch... Read more
In Memory of David M. Graifman The Myriad Dialects of Time by Carlos Perez October 8, 2001 If anything could be called the universal language of horology, it must the round dial with concentric hour and minute hands pointing to a chapter ring demarked for twelve hours. It is... Read more
Prometheus Bound The Final Paradigm of Horological Evolution by Carlos Perez November 23, 2001 I suppose that most of us when describing our little hobby, break out that $20 word horology. There is probably a perverse pleasure in watching a listener’s face go blank as they mentally grasp for... Read more