Hi All;

Hanhart made watches in the Black Forest area of Germany, close to the French border. During WWII their flyback chronographs were used extensively by the German Luftwafffe, and after the war they continued to manufacture these chronograph movements, but they were given to France as part of the reparations that Germany had to make. But, in the late 1950s, with the resurrection of the Luftwaffe, Hanhart went back to making complete watches again. Once again the Luftwaffe was their major customer, but after only 18 months the contract was cancelled and another German firm, Junghans was appointed in their place.

This means that the production of these watches was quite low, a few hundred were made in a plated brass case (the same as the wartime issue ones) and 500 were made in stainless steel; so you can imagine how happy I was to obtain this really nice steel one the other day.

“But what the heck has this to do with Steve McQueen?” I can hear you all say; well, guess what his fun watch was?

All of this means I am going to have get some Persol sunglasses, I suppose.

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