Industry News – Concours d’Elegance at JA New York is the Single Largest Watch Pavilion in the

Concours d’Elegance, a magnificent exhibition of the world’s finest watches, clocks and winding boxes from around the world, will once again greet attendees at the Crystal Palace entrance hall of the Jacob K. Javits Center. The exhibition is
open to the general public.

The exhibits will open on Sunday, July 27 until Wednesday, July 30. This show will be sponsored by the American Watch Guild in concert with American Time and the Watch & Clock Review.

The Concours d’Elegance, is a 160 feet by 70 feet watch and clock pavilion, which will display the finest pieces from over 50 major watch companies.

32 exterior windows lining the pavilion will showcase some of the most creative watch displays of chronographs and other sophisticated watches. A window display contest will be held during the show, judged by a panel comprised of 24 noteworthy retailers from across the country. With the theme for the pavilion being “Watches and Automobiles”, we are pleased to exhibit Jim Roger’s one-of-a-kind “Millennium Mercedes” in which he took a 3-year journey around the world, placing him in the Guinness World Record Book. Mr. Roger will be available during the show to autograph his newly released book, with all proceeds of the book sales going to Memorial Sloan Kettering for cancer.

Among some of the more interesting brands tentatively set to exhibit at the concours will be: Alpina, Antoine Preziuso, A Reymond, Bell & Ross, Bertolucci, Chronoswiss, Clerc, Dubey, Dunhill, Hanhart, European Company Watch (part of Franck Muller), Fortis, Franck Muller, Frederique Constant, Gevril, Limes, Locman, Magellan, Jacques Etoile, Martin Braun, Maurice Lacroix, Mellerio, Parmigiani, Paul Picot, Roger Dubuis, Ventura, Zenith and Zodiac. There is also word that several AHCI members might exhibit too.

Mr. Steven Walker, representative in the U.S. of German brands Limes and Jacques Etoile, who will be exhibiting both, has graciously agreed to personally welcome any TimeZoner’s who happen to attend the show.