TimeZone New Haven, Connecticut Gathering – May 2000

TimeZone Report

Sally’s Apizza, Wooster Street

New Haven, Connecticut USA

May 20, 2000

L to R: Robert Kreisler (aka Rovert); Mary Hanson; Trevor Hanson; Les Ismore; Bob Lowenthal; Donald Feeney

Best Collection: Bob Lowenthal

Included: Vacheron & Constantin; Rolex; Vintage movado; Vintage Jaeger le Coultre; a couple IWC’s amongst others. That accounts for the big smile. Bob proved to be a humble, gracious man.

Best Of Show: Trevor Hanson

Solid Gold, Multi Complication Blancpain on Solid Gold Bracelet, a gift from his lovely wife Mary. A dedicated WIS – He traveled from Chicago to Connecticut for the gathering. Here he is watching Rob Kresiler as Rob showed everyone the Watch School toolkits.

Woman of Dignity: Mary Hanson

Arrived with a very unique woman’s Rolex on a most unusual bracelet. When it was disclosed she bought Trevor his Blancpain complication, it was evident that Mary was the ultimate WIS’ wife.

After dinner, everyone hit Libby’s for dessert, a Wooster Street tradition.

L to R: Trevor Hanson, Norm Mowry &
Bob Lowenthal

Most Informed: Bob Kreisler

Don Feeney & Robert Kreisler

Setting up a Watch School Expo at Libby’s Cafe. Bob proved his dexterity by opening shop on a wobbly, wire-legged cafe table. It was the one of the most informative events of the evening. Bob traveled from New Jersey for the event.

The Obligatory “Pitching Watches” shot

L to R: Concord Impresario Chronograph on an x-22 Kevlar band; Mary’s Rolex with a beautiful Bowed-link bracelet; Trevor’s dual Blancpains; Les Ismore’s Ulysse Nardin; Bob Lowenthal’s IWC Ingenieur; Don Feeney’s vintage Omega & Ulysse Nardin.

Bob Lowenthal’s Collection

L to R: Vacheron & Constantin; Vintage Movado; IWC; Vintage Jaeger le Coultre Memovox; IWC; Rolex

Don Feeney’s Vintage Omega’s Movement

Robert Kreisler opened the watch with my Wenger/Bergeon Watchmaker’s knife and lubricated the movement with a good dose of Norelco electric razor spray lubricant (just kidding!).

A Couple Ulysse Nardins

Les Ismore’s on left and Don Feeney’s on right.

Norm Mowry’s Revue Thommen Cricket 97 & Seiko Titanium Arctura

Of course, his Concord Impresario Chronograph was on his wrist. (Notice the rolled hand towel watch holder!)

The New Haven, Connecticut, USA TimeZone gathering was a great time. It is evident on the smiles on everyone’s face. The conversation flowed smoothly and I sensed those around us knew something special was going on. Most noticeable was that there was a keen sense of friendship that was unusual for a group of strangers meeting.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful (and how heavy!) Trevor’s Blancpain Complication was. Trevor’s wife Mary was the sweetest woman I have met in quite some time, and she wore a ladies Rolex that was unlike any other Rolex I had ever seen. Bob Lowenthal, with all the marvelous watches he brought, remained quiet and reserved throughout the dinner, except to compliment another on their timepiece. he was (and is) a class act, through and through. Robert Kreisler certainly displayed the most knowledge of watchmaking. He is living proof that TimeZone’s Watch School is well worthwhile. Don Feeny organized the event. It was the bright orange dial of Don’s Ulysse Nardin 1846 that served as a beacon for those arriving that this was the TimeZone table. Everyone had a great time, as well we should. After all, we were there in celebration of those marvelous machines that honor time itself.

Report: Norm Mowry

Photos: Norm Mowry & Robert Kreisler

My apologies in advance for any inaccuracies in watch or attendee’s names.