TimeZone Millburn, New Jersey Gathering – October 2001

On Saturday, October 6, 2001, a bunch of us got together for a nice lunch and some watch-talk. The restaurant is called the Brick Oven, and it’s a nice little Italian bistro-type place in the heart of downtown Millburn (if Millburn actually has a “downtown”). Almost 30 people attended, which was about the best we’ve seen for a NJ luncheon so far.

Although there were, of course, tons of great watches to look at and play with, the company and conversation was by far the best aspect of the get-together. It was terrific to put some faces with the names we see and talk with every day on TZ.

Special thanks to Neil Contess, who helped me a great deal with the coordination of the event and the selection of the location. Thanks also go to Rob Kearney for his touching tribute to David Graifman (a long-time TZer who was lost in the Septeber 11th WTC tragedy) and to Mike Gacki for all the wine he brought, and finally to everyone who donated prizes for the giveaways.

To all those who attended: It was great meeting and speaking with each of you. I hope you’ll all be able to attend the next luncheon. To anyone who did not attend, but would like to be included on a distribution list for the next NJ/NYC area luncheon, please send me an email at msandler@timezone.com.

Click on any of the pictures below to see a larger version

Mike and Jeanette Hanson

Stuart Mogell, Simon Moy, Jay Ceballos, Dave Atwater

Andrew Wood, Eric Edelman, Bob Lord, Jordan Lateiner, Ed Hahn, and Stuart Mogell peeking in from the side

Ronald Held, Jordan Lateiner, Stuart Mogell

Jay Ceballos (“My Royal Oak Offshore is really THIS big”), Andy Alvarez, Mike Hanson, Jeanette Hanson

Ed Hahn, either smelling the flowers or dreaming about that AP handwind

Andrew Wood, Eric Edelman, Bob Lord, Chris Porreca, Ronald Held, James Wallach, Jordan Lateiner, Rob Makus (standing), Ed Hahn

Rob Kearney, Joan and Neil Contess, Michael and Teri Gacki

Eric Edelman, Michael Gacki (“No Eric, I really don’t want to buy your boat”)

Chip Hoyt (Thank goodness he didn’t wear those plaid pants again), Neil Contess

Paul Silvestri, Joel Boff, Tim Connor

A couple of really nice American pocketwatches brought by Tim Connor

Bob Lord’s AP Royal Oak Offshore chronograph

Stuart Mogell’s A. Lange & Sohne pocketwatch

Easily the “Best of Show”….Andrew Wood’s Buffy and Jody watch

Some of Chip Hoyt’s watches (sorry Chip, no picture of the OysterQuartz)

Some of my watches

James Wallach’s Langematik….spectacular display back

Michael Gacki’s stuff…..Hey Mike, I think you need a few more big sport watches with black dials

Mike Hanson’s awesome Minerva chronograph (converted Minerva pocketwatch movement w/ coaxial pusher). This is not a small watch, and appears to be at least 43mm or 44mm in diameter.

Additional pictures contributed by Ed Hahn

Dave Atwater, Rob Makus, Rob Kearney

Paul Silvestri, Tim Connor, Andrew Wood

Jordan Lateiner

Andrew Wood James Wallach, Chris Porreca, Jay Ceballos

Rob Makus, Tim Connor

Jay Ceballos’ Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshire “End of Days”