TimeZone Hong Kong Gathering – March 2003

Hi there,

It has been quite a long time without posting in TZ Classics!! Last week, however, I had joined such a special party that I can’t hold acting as a reporter here!!! :)

This was a special watch gathering among some TZers in Hong Kong. Many thanks here to AC, who acted as the organizer of the party. There were total eight watch lovers getting together, bring some of their collection, and enjoying delicious dinner in Hotel Conrad during this wonderful evening.

Many excellent watches appeared but the superstars of the party should be a set of FP Journe plus two “super chronographs” ~ Lange Datograph and GO PanoRetrograph!! OK, let me start my pictorial report now … …

Here are three questions … … an easy one: “How many watches on the table??”, a not-so-easy one: “What are they??”, and a hard-to-say-easy one: “How much are they??” (In fact, the title “Too Many Watches!!” is what the hotel chef said when he saw all these watches on the table!!)

(pic taken by Carson)

Quite a shock when the below “family” was shown in the party, especially when knowing they all belong to one “father”!!!

(pic taken by me)

Two impressive chronographs ~ Lange Datograph and GO PanoRetrograph … …

As a chronograph lover, I really love both. However, if I must choose only one, then should be … … the PanoRetrograph (with repeater-like hammer and ring)

(pics taken by me)

What a chance to have so many great watches on my wrist!! BTW, can anyone identify one of the FP Journe here is not a member of the above “family”?

(pics taken by me)

During this kind of watch gathering, how could we miss Patek Philippe?!

(pic taken by Carson)

Hope you guys enjoy this pictorial report!! :)


ps. Many thxs here to Eric So (Katoso) for helping me to hold the pics (it’s so pity he couldn’t come that night due to his business trip).