How To Post Multiple Images On TZ…(more)

Posted by Paul Delury on January 07, 2000 at 22:51:10:

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G’day TZners,

The question of how to include multiple images in a TZ posting comes up regularly. So, here are some pointers on the HTML required.

To post multiple scans on the one page, you do the following:

Type in the following line…

<*center><*IMG SRC=””><*/center>

…delete the ” * ” They are only there to stop the HTML displaying the scan in these instructions.

The “” is the URL of the scan (where it is stored on the Net). You can replace this with your own scan URL. The <*/center> are commands which center the scan on the page. If you want the scan to be left aligned, simply omit the center commands.

To post multiple images, all you need to do is type out the line once, then copy it, and paste it again wherever you want another scan to appear (and change the image name in the line, of course). Thus, the lines below…

<*center><*IMG SRC=””><*/center>

<*center><*IMG SRC=””><*/center>

<*center><*IMG SRC=””><*/center>

…will give this result…