Two 1910 Waltham Model 1883s – the same, but different
Vintage American heavy metal #2 – an assorted pocket watch mix
Vintage American heavy metal #1 – an assortment of pocket watches
Thoroughly Modern Seconds – 1929 Waltham Model 1924 Colonial
Here’s some new phone pics of my 1902 Waltham Model 1883 Grade 87
Here’s a delightful Waltham Riverside Model 1894 19 jewel 12 size made in 1922
Carrying the Vanguard by PAUL DELURY
A secometer?  Waltham Model 1924 Colonial “modern seconds indicator” by PAUL DELURY
One of Waltham’s best, a Model 1892 845 by PAUL DELURY
Some pocket watches: grandfather’s Illinois, ladies Waltham, Elgin
A Waltham project comes to fruition by PAUL DELURY
Small selection goes movementy, the 2nd by PAUL DELURY
Here are some examples of American-made pocket watch movements, presented in order of production date. 1890 Waltham Model 1889. 6 size. 1902 Waltham Model 1890. 6 size. 1916 Hamilton Grade 992L. 16 size. 1917 Waltham Model 1900. 3/0 size. 1933 Waltham Colonial A. 12 size on 14 size mainplate.... Read more