One of Waltham’s best, a Model 1892 845 by PAUL DELURY
Received info for my father’s vintage rose gold Zenith ref 1/2051 from 1957
A gift from Hans Wilsdorf to Alfred Davis, co-founder of the Rolex Watch Company
Some pocket watches: grandfather’s Illinois, ladies Waltham, Elgin
Horological oddity: mechanical pocket watch with a date window by Hippolyte Parrenin
A vintage LeCoultre rectangular cased triple date moon phase, cal. 486/AW (1949)
Bitten by the vintage bug – Omega Seamaster Turler dial with legendary Cal 564 movement
A few questions about a vintage Breitling 765 AVI heirloom
Vespa mechanical automaton by Anthony Lent & Steven Parker (with video) by JESSICA
Space, the final frontier: A 1968 Rolex GMT Blast from the Past on Star Trek S2 E26 “Assignment Earth”
Just picked up my vintage Angelus Chronograph from service – with in-house Caliber 215
Help identifying my vintage Rolex Tru-Beat 6556 / 6558 from the 1960s
Same but different – Omega Speedmaster caliber 321 ref 102-102 vs 145-012
In Retrospect Part 7/10 The one with the impossible to find one: Omega 30t2
A vintage addition: Patek Philippe Steel Calatrava 3509A from the early 1960s
My grandfather’s vintage Omega f300 Geneve Chronometer gets new life
My caliber 321 Omega Speedmasters
In Retrospect Part 4/10 The one with the wedding: vintage gold Jaeger-LeCoultre cal. 449C
My latest flea market find: Lever India Extra Quality vintage watch from the 1920s or 1930s
TZ Watch School – A few weeks ago I signed up for the Timezone Watch School Level 1 course
1st exec Heuer Autavia 3646 investigation 1962/1963 by DRACHA
Some more vintage Hamilton duos and trios and more
Vintage Tudor French Marine Nationale – a 7016/0 issued in 1975
Small selection movements the 10th – backwind, rubber ring, 100 jewels and more! by PAUL DELURY
What’s your vintage Rolex collection look like & how do you decide when it’s time to let one go?
Small selection movements – fusee, ultrathin, Omega in disguise, and more! by PAUL DELURY
Tudor Project – it is a Tudor Prince with the rare 390 movement from the 1950s
Vintage 1958 Rolex Oyster	– it’s from 1958, the year I was born
A Waltham project comes to fruition by PAUL DELURY
They sure did things differently back in the 1970s
New to my vintage Seiko Speed-Timer collection – Seiko 6139-6032 from Sep 1971
Fresh out of Rolex Service Center, basically a brand new vintage Tudor Submariner 79090
How about a thread devoted to vintage clocks?
Watchmaking & Repair: A vintage Edox restoration project
Small selection goes movementy, the 2nd by PAUL DELURY
3 Chronographs, 3 Classic Movements: Zenith El Primero, Omega Caliber 1861 & Rolex 4130
A vintage Omega “C” case Constellation from the 1970s
An outstanding circa 1970 Rolex Submariner 2.9M Mark IV dial example
John Harrison marine chronometer “Ships, Clocks & Stars” exhibit at Mystic Seaport Museum CT