Vintage American heavy metal #2 – an assorted pocket watch mix
Vintage American heavy metal #1 – an assortment of pocket watches
Newman’s Paul Newman Daytona sells today at auction for record $17,752,500
Some nice pieces from the Philipps Watches auction, including Newman’s Own PN Daytona
Lightning strikes twice – Rolex Milgauss 6541 x 2
Pair of Heuer Camaro 73443s – 73443NT and a 73443 exotic dial
The original Omega Railmaster ck2914
This is about as smart as my watches get – Citizen JG200-59E Ana-Digi Temp, cal. 8980
Enjoying the patina on my Great White Rolex Sea-Dwller 1665 with Mark 1 dial
One of my favorite watches, the Breitling Co-Pilot 765CP Mk3
Newman’s Own Paul Newman Daytona 6239
Because you can never have too many Princes – Rolex Prince Brancard 1491
Where’s the crown? Backwind/Backset
Eberhard Contograf – a recent arrival


TZ Blogs August 15, 2017

Leatherette box in the original post was used for the early Gruen Curvex’s from ’35 to ’36
Vern’s watch: 1949 Lord Elgin pocket watch
Three futuristic designs that held up over time: Hamilton Flight, Citizen Independent & Lip Mach 2000
I recently carried this 1922 Hamilton Grade 974 Limited
Vintage Omega duet: Seamaster Chronograph & Speedmaster with champagne dial
Thoroughly Modern Seconds – 1929 Waltham Model 1924 Colonial
Classic 16-size Railroaders: 1918 Waltham Vanguard & 1916 Hamilton Grade 992L
My father just gave me his vintage Omega Seamaster 300
The Next Autavia from TAG Heuer — White Dial
From Lancaster and Sag Harbor: a very nice Hamilton Grade 902
A 1910 Hamilton Grade 924 and some stats from the time
119 year-old fancy Elgin – an Elgin Grade 172 from 1898
Goin’ up around the Bend – South Bend Grade 439 pocket watch, produced in 1928
Watchmaking & Repair: Tissot Sonorous gets a service
A new old manufacturer for me: E. Howard Watch Co.
Wanted to say hi with a picture of some Titus Calypsomatics
Here’s a delightful Waltham Riverside Model 1894 19 jewel 12 size made in 1922
A 1960s Marvin certified chronometer is on the way
Hamilton Grade 920 – a re-work in progress by PAUL DELURY
The 101 year-old Minute Man – Hampden 12 size Model 5 by PAUL DELURY
A 1960s Marvin caliber 620 is on the way
Carrying the Vanguard by PAUL DELURY
A Hamilton Grade 910 manufactured in 1917 by PAUL DELURY
A love letter from George Washington to Martha – 23 June 1775 by JESSICA
Happy New Year from TimeZone