Vintage Heuer ref 2543 acquisition and spa treatment of the legendary Valjoux 72C
Pair of Heuer Camaro 73443s – 73443NT and a 73443 exotic dial
Picture heavy report from the TAG Heuer Globetrotter exhibition in Paris
This 2017 Autavia arrived Tuesday, and has been on my wrist since
My grail has arrived – vintage Heuer Autavia 2446 BIG eyes first execution
Hello Folks, Dating from 1915, this watch is considerably older than Jack Heuer and as well preserved. Essentially a silver lady’s pocket chronograph with a 13′” movement; Heuer did the same thing that Vacheron did & rotated the case and dial through 30 degrees, in order to clear the... Read more
Hi All; There was Edward Heuer (Jack’s father) and this Valjoux powered chronograph was made under his reign, most likely just after WWII. Read more