First vintage post – my great grandfather’s 1931 Hamilton Captain Rice
Vintage American heavy metal #2 – an assorted pocket watch mix
Vintage American heavy metal #1 – an assortment of pocket watches
I recently carried this 1922 Hamilton Grade 974 Limited
A little piece of Pennsylvania and New Jersey: Hamilton Grade 917 from the 1930s
Classic 16-size Railroaders: 1918 Waltham Vanguard & 1916 Hamilton Grade 992L
From Lancaster and Sag Harbor: a very nice Hamilton Grade 902
A 1910 Hamilton Grade 924 and some stats from the time
Hamilton Grade 920 – a re-work in progress by PAUL DELURY
A Hamilton Grade 910 manufactured in 1917 by PAUL DELURY
I’m an excellent driver – 1948 Hamilton 10 size Grade 917 with “Safe Driver” presentation dial
Unboxing a vintage Hamilton 982 Rutledge platinum from 1938
Some more vintage Hamilton duos and trios and more
How about a thread devoted to vintage clocks?
Small selection goes movementy, the 2nd by PAUL DELURY
Modern vintage? Modern iterations of vintage watches
Hamilton Jazzmaster GMT Automatic “All Black” review
A copy of the Swatch Group USA’s Complete & Partial Customer Service Pricing List
Gentlemanly high-jewelers: Hamilton Grades 923 and 945 by PAUL DELURY
A couple of not-so-modest gentlemans watches: Hamilton Grade 921 by PAUL DELURY
A quick look at the Hamilton Grade 910 “gentleman’s” pocket watch by PAUL DELURY
Hamiltons and History I have collected a number of Hamilton 10 size watches over the past years. These are smaller, slim, watches, averaging around 45mm in diameter and often referred to as “gentlemen’s” watches. These are relatively unobtrusive to carry in comparison to the larger 16 and 18 size... Read more
An Award Watch on the Eve of War by PAUL DELURY Here’s a really nice 50 year’s service award presentation pocket watch, a Hamilton Grade 921 10 size owned by Rob B. I wanted to show the engraved caseback particularly as I think it’s a great example of the... Read more
Here’s a look at some watches a little out of the ordinary. Below is a bunch of digital or direct read mechanical watches from the 1960s & 70s. Direct-read pocket and wristwatches watches have been around for a long time. They made somewhat of a resurgence in the later... Read more
Here are some examples of American-made pocket watch movements, presented in order of production date. 1890 Waltham Model 1889. 6 size. 1902 Waltham Model 1890. 6 size. 1916 Hamilton Grade 992L. 16 size. 1917 Waltham Model 1900. 3/0 size. 1933 Waltham Colonial A. 12 size on 14 size mainplate.... Read more
(Watches from the collection of TomG). Read more