Alphabet Watches Part 2 by Jack Freedman NOTICE OF DISCLAIMER: Please note that any and all information submitted here may not be accurate and could be unconfirmed.   In our previous feature page I reported on the latest ALPHABET watches with the wild success of Gucci’s “G” watch.... Read more
   Alphabet Watches by Jack Freedman NOTICE OF DISCLAIMER: Please note that any and all information submitted here may not be accurate and could be unconfirmed. The following firms found a new niche in the watch market by offering an alphabet watch: Hermes “H” watch Click to see larger... Read more
The Dubey & Schaldenbrand Limited Edition Aerodyn Venusby Richard Paige In my quest to introduce to the TimeZone reader, watches of particular interest in a Limited Edition series, I felt that other watch manufactures besides the “Great Houses” were certainly deserving of our attentions.One of these watches is a... Read more
The Art of Hand Engraving by Richard Paige Many of you in the TimeZone community have expressed an interest in the special engraving of my Grand TailleJaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. Click picture to enlarge This engraving was done by a friend of mine who is an expert in hand engraving. Hand... Read more
 My First Real Watchby Richard Paige    Being the son of a watchmaker, I suppose when I got old enough to understand that some things were toys and some things were not, my dad decided that I was ready for my first real watch. I was 13 years old... Read more
The Elusive IWC 5251 Part Four The MiscellanyAs a conclusion draws near, the few remaining features of this watch that I have not mentioned would include setting of the moonphase – by cycling back and forth between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m., the hack feature – it hacks quite... Read more
The Elusive IWC 5251 Photo 1 – As seen in its genuine “leatherette” box Part Two The Watch This watch, first made and sold in 1981*, was the eventual inspiration for what we know today as the Portofino line of IWC watches, introduced in 1987. At 46mm in diameter,... Read more
The Elusive IWC 5251 Part Three The Movement Photo 6 – even in a bad photo, the beauty of the movement is apparent. As Michael and Ken have declared, the raison de’ etre for this watch is its movement. Viewed through the sapphire exhibition back, it is striking both... Read more
The Elusive IWC 5251 Part Five Epilogue While the 5251 is not listed in the new IWC catalog (“Time for a new millennium”, 1999/00), they did pay, what perhaps might be, final tribute to this wonderful timepiece: “The ‘mother’ of all Portofinos, a collector’s item with a pocket watch... Read more
Gallery of Lange Datograph and 1815 Moonphase By Peter Chong, November 1999 Datograph and 1815 Moonphase in rose gold. Photographed sitting on the trunk of my car. The rear view of the same watches. Note the layering effect of the Datograph’s chronograph mechanism. On my IBM Thinkpad 770 Detail... Read more
The Elusive IWC 5251   “My watch is large.Its moon is full.So much indeed, Ifeel the pull.And be not light, with certaintyBut firmly felt, suchgravity”– Terrence Nolan, from the manuscript“Not Yet Written”, 1999 Part One Somewhere Out There There are those moments in our horological lives when we see... Read more
  When a 7750 ain’t a 7750 any longer —Reworking the workhorse Valjoux 7750Posted by Time Flies (Originally posted April, 1998)Copyright, 1998, 1999, G. J. Buhyoff Well, after extensive conversations with IWC I have learned a lot about the Flieger Chrono. What I found was this . The Flieger has... Read more
Personal Experiences / Impressions by Brand Originally Posted by Time Flies on November 26, 1998 Copyright, 1998, 1999, G. J. Buhyoff Recently, I was in correspondence with a fellow, long-time Forum participant. We traded mail regarding attributes of different brands of watches and his inquiries made me think about... Read more
A Primer on Collecting Watches or Why We Buy The Stuff We Do By Time Flies and Foie Gras Copyright, 1998, 1999, G. J. Buhyoff and K. Fox This paper evolved from e-mail correspondence between the two authors concerning future watch purchases they have considered. It was decided that... Read more

I Wonder…

Community Articles September 20, 2002

I Wonder … By Time Flies Copyright, 1997, 1998, 2000 G. J. Buhyoff Why people are so concerned about the decrease in use of tritium enhanced phosphors, as if it cheapens the watch? What is so special about a radioactive substance that when used in the phosphor has a... Read more
The Limited Edition Minerva 140th Anniversary Watch BY RICHARD PAIGE Click here to view a larger watch image We’ve had some discussions of late regarding the validity of Limited Edition watches, and what number of pieces in the edition constitutes a true limited edition. For those of you who... Read more
A Pilot’s Impressions of the Omega X-33 By Time Flies This is a different type of review. It is a story of how I came to appreciate an Omega X-33. In the following story I critique the watch from the standpoint of using it as a “wrist instrument” for... Read more
Pilot’s watches: The real choices of aviators. Posted by Time Flies on September 30,1999 Copyright, 1999, G. J. Buhyoff Good day to all, I don’t know what prompted my posting this viewpoint. It was likely several things. A little while back I and Grahame had a “go-round” about the... Read more
A Review of the Minerva Palladio Model “S” Chronograph By Time Flies I acquired a Minerva Palladio S after finding my eye returning again and again to this watch. For a while I did not make a decision to purchase this watch, believe it or not, due to its... Read more
Does Faster Mean More Accurate?Frequency Response of a Watch Escapementby Walt Arnstein 1.0. IntroductionThroughout most of the first half of the Twentieth Century, mechanical watches operated at an essentially standard 5 beats per second, or 18,000 bph (beats per hour). The choice of this beat rate was dictated by... Read more
“TimeZone Wrap-Up is like a good cigar, and by that I mean that it is a compact roll of tobacco that I enjoy smoking every now and then. Although I’m trying to cut back.” – Bill Clinton Week 4/6/1999 It was an emotional week on the Forum as one... Read more
Short-Term Repetitive WatchError Due to Steppingby Walt Arnstein The Accuracy ConceptThe subject of watch accuracy is a popular topic among watch fanciers and the discussions that frequently pit proponents of one brand or type of watch against those of another. Quartz watches, some say, are more accurate than mechanical... Read more
The Foucault Pendulum and the Schuler Pendulumby Walt Arnstein In an earlier posting, we examined the behavior of a simple pendulum in the presence of varying temperature, gravity, and swing amplitude. In this follow-up, we will inspect two special pendulums that tell us much about our planet’s celestial mechanics:... Read more
“TimeZone Wrap-Up is just what the New York Times would be like if it only covered news involving the TimeZone.” – George Bernard Shaw TimeZone Wrap-Up Week 3/22/1999 By the time you read these opening remarks, they will be at least 5 days old. I’ve decided to start this... Read more
 The Miracle of the Pin Lever Movementby Richard Paige   We focus a lot of our attentions here on TimeZone towards what constitutes a high quality movement: is it workmanship, accuracy, finish, longevity, or a combination of all? But one of the most remarkable achievements in the history of the... Read more
The Gravity Pendulum and its Horological Quirksby Walt Arnstein On one occasion or another, most of us have watched a grandfather clock or other timepiece based on a simple pendulum and marveled at this device as it swung back and forth majestically, often seeming hardly to move, yet maintaining... Read more
TimeZone Wrap-Up Week 3/15/99 I want to start by saying how proud I am of all of you for re-evaluating your lives, and deciding to bring a more positive face to the Forum this week. As Spring breaks across the back of a cold, wet winter, I see light... Read more
Value: An Elusive Concept? By Richard Paige Many years ago, when I made my living as a watchmaker, I specialized in the restoration and repair of American Pocket watches. I found it very therapeutic to work on these masterful machines, and it seemed to set my work apart, while... Read more
Answers to Frequent orDifficult Questions on the Forumby Time Flies, 27 May 1998 Since the inception of the TimeZone Forum, I have taken notice of some questions and resulting opinions that create discord among the anguished souls who haunt the Forum halls. These questions have often stimulated irrational behavior... Read more
  The Power Reserve Indicator By Richard Paige One of the most useful features that a mechanical watch can have is a power reserve indicator. It’s critical that a watch has at least 30% of its mainspring wound for the watch to run at a regular rate. Many watch... Read more
  When a 7750 ain’t a 7750 any longer —Reworking the workhorse Valjoux 7750Posted by Time Flies (Originally posted April, 1998)Copyright, 1998, 1999, G. J. Buhyoff Well, after extensive conversations with IWC I have learned a lot about the Flieger Chrono. What I found was this . The Flieger has... Read more
 IWC Portuguese Jubilee Limited Edition Watchby Richard Paige   In 1993, IWC introduced a limited edition series watch to commemorate the company’s 125th anniversary. This watch, ThePortuguese Limited Edition Jubilee, is considered one of the most desirable watches for the modern day watch collector.Click to Enlarge The creation of the... Read more
The Jaeger LeCoultre Limited Edition Reverso “Batman Forever” Watch by Richard Paige Holy Reverso Batman!!!!! In my quest to bring to the TimeZone audience more and more interesting examples of limited Edition watches, I stumbled upon a watch that almost defies the commercial aspect of a limited edition watch:... Read more
The Cartier Crash Watchby Richard Paige I’m a design nut. I’m always inspired by a well designed watch, and when the design borders on art, I seem to be drawn to it as a sailor to a Siren’s song. I’ve always appreciated Cartier for their Timeless designs, and their... Read more

The Watch Fob

Community Articles September 19, 2002

 The Watch Fobby Richard Paige   The Jewelers dictionary defines a Fob as a short chain, ribbon or other similar thing, fastened to a watch to aid in withdrawing it from a pocket in clothing.I don’t think this definition does justice to the world of Fob collecting. If I was... Read more