Paragon and Prodigal Aspects of Janus in Genevan horology. by Carlos Perez April 15, 2001 In the mid-to-late 20th century the appellation “Swiss Made” became, and remains, the basic hallmark of quality in commercial horology. What was once intended to flush out so-called “Swiss fakes,” is now a brand... Read more
The Gentleman’s Wristwatch More Retrogrouch Musings From The Underground by Carlos Perez April 5, 2001 “I am not I; thou art not he or she; they are not they.” — Evelyn Waugh What watch to buy next? This is the most pressing problem that faces the modern enthusiast-collector of... Read more
Four Hundred Years After Part II The Legacy of Seikosha For nearly four hundred years Edo-Tokyo has been the center of Japanese horological craft, and it is the birthplace and home of the greatJapanese wristwatch manufactures of the last century — Seiko and Citizen. Their history is irrevocably intertwined... Read more