L’Esprit NouveauThe Moderne art of the form movementby Carlos Perez December 29, 2000 One of the rarest delicacies produced by the horological crafts of the last century is the form movement. The great scarcity of form movements in our own day is of course linked to the overall decline... Read more
  Harmonia Mundi by Carlos Perez May 12, 2001     When we think of the past several centuries we probably tend to pull up romantic images of adventure and exploration, for it was the last great age of empires and colonial expansion. Yet for most of known history... Read more
L’Ancien Regime Part Two: The Heritage of the Classical Wristwatch by Carlos Perez While a wristwatch is much more than just a miniature pocket watch strapped to the wrist, the heritage of today’s classiques in undeniably linked to the classical watch making and designs of the 18th and 19th... Read more