James goes to Japan: Seiko Factory Tour (Part 2) James Dowling The following morning I was up bright & early, met my Seiko escorts in the hotel lobby and made our way to the train station, after a 30 minute cross town journey we arrived at Shinjuku station where... Read more
TimeZone joins Watchville for the latest watch news on your phone
TimeZone joins Watchville for the Latest Watch News & Articles on Your Phone Watchville is the world’s most popular app that aggregates the latest wristwatch headlines from all the top watch websites, magazines and blogs for easy mobile reading from your iPhone or Android phone. Easy, beautiful and seamless... Read more
Moonwatch Only a book review William Massena Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Switzerland, lived watchmakers who created a watch called the Omega Speedmaster. The NASA fairies selected the watch to go to the moon and the myth around it became legendary. The new book Moonwatch... Read more
A TimeZone Interview with Maria & Richard Habring about the Habring² Kaliber A11
A TimeZone Interview with Maria & Richard Habring about the Habring² Kaliber A11 An interview in November 2014 by William Massena TimeZone (TZ): Maria & Richard, you have recently launched your in-house movement. What has driven you to become completely independent? Maria & Richard Habring (H²): Well – it... Read more
James goes to Japan: Seiko Factory Part 1 James Dowling Seiko was founded in Tokyo, it was the site of their original factory and the firm is still headquartered there, but their factories are all several hours away. The reason for this is that during WWII Seiko was producing... Read more
Louis Vuitton Tambour Twin Chrono Match Racing Hamdi Chatti, Yves Klein and my amazing new watch James Dowling For most folks who attended, Baselworld 2013 will be remembered for the amazing brand new hall and the opening concert by Lana Del Rey. But for me it was the show... Read more
A. Lange & Söhne Lange 31 More Complicated than Meets the Eye Peter Chong Originally published on TimeZone in 2007. A watch which runs at a constant rate for 31 whole days without winding? Impossible, say some…Can be done, says the incredible team at Lange. The result – the... Read more
Watch 101: Power Reserve Indicators One of Horology’s Most Useful Complications Katie Wudel This article originally appeared in Our Minutes. Today, we take a deeper look at one of the most important elements of a mechanical watch: its reserve of power. The mainspring (a metal coil) is what powers... Read more
A private collector graciously allowed me to play with some of his timepieces to photograph and review for TimeZone. He owns 16 exceptional timepieces and regularly wears each of them. He considers the platinum Invention Piece 1 to be one of his favourites for its creativity, craftsmanship, exclusivity and... Read more
The Odd, the Unusual, and the Uncommon Paul Delury Here is an eclectic selection of timepieces that offer something different in design, technology, function or scarcity. Whatever the category, I venture that none are likely to be seen all too often. THE ODD. Wyler Incaflex demonstrater. Here’s a somewhat... Read more