Breva Génie on the Wrist


TimeZone recently met with the team from Breva Genève SA and took a few more quick photos of the collection: Génie 01 (Weather Forecast) and Génie 02 Air (Altitude), including some wrist shots of Stefan Feltgen wearing his Génie 01. The Génie 01 is the world’s first mechanical wristwatch to display the time, power reserve, altimeter and a weather forecasting aneroid barometer. Stefan reports that he has worn his Génie 01 for nearly a year and it has held up beautifully:

Breva Genie 01, Breva Weather Forecast
Génie 01 in 18k pink and white gold

Breva Genie 02, Breva Altitude
Proprietary movement developed exclusively for Breva by Jean-François Mojon

Breva Genie 02, Breva Altitude
(L-R) Génie 01 PG, Génie 02 Air and Génie 01 WG

Breva Genie 01, Breva wrist

Breva Genie 01, Breva wrist

Breva Genie 01, Breva wrist
Stefan wearing his Génie 01

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