A true vintage Girard Perregaux find!

A coworker who knows that I am a bit of a watch nut showed me this very cool vintage Girard Perregaux this morning. He said he was cleaning out some junk in the basement and came upon and old shoe box that had been sitting down there for years. One of the contents inside was this watch. He gave it a couple winds and a little shake and it was up and running. He recalled purchasing the watch brand new in the early 70′s. I thought it might be cool to give him a little more information on the watch. I am not well versed in Girard-Perregaux and the little bit of searching I did didn’t turn up anything useful. I did come across other day/date watches, but none of them had a similar case and the markings on the dial were pretty much all “GP” rather than just the “Girard Perregaux” text as on this one. Can anyone more knowledgeable shed a little more light on this very cool piece?

 photo E96B2FB6-19C4-4914-AD66-3D82E4E172E9_zpsz2hrwgwt.jpg

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